*01.11.1982, LINZ – lives and works in BERLIN.

‘I work in the creation of digital image, videos, kinetic sculptures and installations. My focus is to merge audio and visual in one immersive blend. I have been fascinated by drastic shifts in form, materials and time, and the resulting distinct switch in the viewer’s perception. An emerging medium like Virtual Reality has widened my research and exploration.

I have been captivated by its unlimited freedom and how, as an artist, I am able to retain full control of light, movement and scale. The result of my investigation in VR is typically a dystopian, mystic and introspective environment, oscillating between abstraction and realism. In my work, sublime and monumental beauty coexists with annihilation.’




ARMIN KEPLINGER (b. 1982, AUT) is a berlin based artist with focus on digital image creation and state of art CGI techniques. In his practice, Keplinger explores the interaction between digital and physical spaces as well as the split between different stages of time. During recent years, Keplinger has focused his creative efforts on the intersection between physical and virtual space, with special emphasis on Virtual Reality.

In his work, Keplinger relies on a minimalistic visual prose through artworks that constantly change forms and shapes in order to shift people’s perception. His video works, sculptures and installations have been exhibited at Winzavod Moscow Contemporary Art Center (RUS), Opera National de Paris (FRA), Saatchi Gallery (UK), Hessel Museum of Art (USA) and Hamburger Kunsthalle (GER) among other ones.



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