Diogo Gonçalves (1990) lives and works in Lisbon.

Spatiality, light, movement and energy are the raw materials of Diogo Gonçalves’ sculpture. In his work, the gesture is also the result of the confrontation of the body with the space, still being the energy, the lamp is one of the unequivocal signs, what remains of the dissolution of that same body in space. In the apparent game between two-dimensionality and three – dimensionality, sculpture is action, performative gesture, matter diluted in its own energy, the same that remakes and updates the programmatic principles of his artistic research.


Diogo has been exhibiting since 2013:

Solo Exhibitions: Start-Do-Repeat – Cooperativa de Comunicação e Cultura (2022) Torres Vedras, PT; Untitled – Kunst Off Space Narrenkastle (2021) Graz, AT; Line Up In Space – Biblioteca Camões (2020) Lisboa, PT; Segmento Volátil – Museu de Lisboa Teatro Romano (2019) Lisboa, PT;

Selected Group Exhibitions: Mechanics of reality – Artemis Gallery (2022) Lisboa, PT; Electric Dreams – Artemis Gallery (2021) Lisboa, PT; Curating Obstacles – Serra da Arrábida (2021) Setúbal, PT; Lines of Thought – CICA Museum (2020) Coreia do Sul, SI; Tridimensionalidade Aparente – Galeria António Prates (2020) – Lisboa, PT

He has participated in some publications like: Start-Do-Repeat – Cooperativa Comunicação Cultura, PT Torres Vedras, Pt; Electric Dreams – Artemis Art Gallery, PT; DU 2020 – Stichting Destination Unknown, NL; Tridimensionalidade Aparente – Galeria António Prates, PT; Segmento Volátil – Museu de Lisboa Teatro Romano – EGEAC, PT; Rearrangement of material – DU Destination Unknown, NL; Portugal: Open Window to the World – Imago Mundi, Contemporary Artists from Portugal – Luciano Benetton Collection, ES.


IG dio.go.ncalves

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