Gil Ferrão (Vila Franca de Xira, 1996) currently lives and works in Évora, where he completed his degree in Visual Arts, in 2017. From this same year, Gil attended the master degree in Plastic Arts at ESAD, in Caldas Da Rainha. Since 2016 he has regularly exhibited his works and participated in artistic residencies.
According to Gil Ferrão, being able to collaborate with other artists and interact with the audience is a fundamental process in every growth and artistic development. Gil describes his works as social experiences that he likes to bring inside and outside walls to share with strangers. He loves to stimulate others’ creativity and imagination.
The conscious and the unconscious represent two work tools for Gil. This artist works with this limbo, where various materials and supports can live, both materially and physically, as well as dreamlike and imaginary ways. He is influenced by balance, movement and anything that is capable of bringing physical interaction.
All this dynamic promotes the sharing of dialogues, games and ideas between friends and strangers. The public will come close and slowly will become conscious and creative. Gil’s work only becomes whole with human presence, otherwise it will die.


Since 2014 we can name some of a crescent number of collective and solo exhibitions: Artist’s Laboratory, Vila Franca de Xira (2014); Oxigénio, Évora (2015); Cartografias (Re)inventadas, Colégio Espírito Santo, Évora (2016); Caos, Évora (2017); MatrizxObra=0 Caldas da Rainha (2017); Duality between genres and not only, Lisboa (2018); B minúsculo, ex-EPAC, Évora (2019); Nada muda de forma como as nuvens a não ser os rochedos, EDP building, Leiria (2019); Unsitted movement, Galeria V, Coimbra (2019); Fazer o caminho que se faz fazendo, Praça Machado Santos, Torres Vedras (2019); Arte Jovem Millennium BCP, Not a museum, Lisboa (2020); Dose#5, Balcony, Lisboa (2020); An Endless Flow, Artemis Gallery, Lisboa (2021); GOOGOL, Artemis Gallery, Lisboa (2021); Panorama #5, Fran Reus Gallery, Palma de Mallorca (2021); Tacada Cruzada, Artes Mota Galiza, Porto (2022); Joi de Vivre, Livraria Zé dos Bois, Lisboa (2022); Play Matters, Artemis Gallery, Lisboa (2022).
Publications: Portuguese EmergingArt 2019, Emerge AC | Dose magazine, 3rd edition, Porto (2019); Inquérito a 263 artistas, by Sara e André, Contemporânea, Lisboa (2021).
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