kennedy+swan (founded in 2013) comprises the works of the two artists Bianca Kennedy and Swan Collective. When working together, they explore the future of evolution and its impact on plants, animals and humans. These utopias are liberated from human supremacy, illuminating the ecological benefits of hybrid life forms, and address the twisted relationship between humans and machines. For their videos, VR and AR installations, the duo employs a variety of animation techniques: drawings, stereoscopic film footage, 3D-scanned landscapes, and self-built characters create a dense network of analogue and digital imagery. Recent works utilize and reflect the rise of Artificial Intelligence by integrating AI-generated texts and images into their animations.

kennedy+swan exhibit internationally in galleries, museums and festivals. Exhibitions include the Lyon Biennial, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig, Bärenzwinger Berlin, CCBB Rio de Janeiro, Loop Discover Award and Sundance Film Festival. They live in Berlin.



joint work since 2013, collaboration of the individual artists:

Bianca Kennedy
born in 1989 in Leipzig
2017 Diploma and master student,
Academy of Fine Arts Munich

Swan Collective
2007 founded by Felix Kraus
2014 Diploma and master student,
Academy of Fine Arts Munich

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