MengXuan Sun graduated as a Meister of the Department of Media Art at the University of Arts Berlin. Her works have been exhibited in Berlin, Essen, Bonn, Shangai, New York, among others. She is a member of S4NTP (The Society For Non Trivial Pursuits) and performs as an audiovisual artist in Europe and Asia. She has been invited to give audiovisual performances at the CTM Festival Vorspiel Berlin, Silent Green Berlin and the Pompidou Center in West Bund Shangai.


MengXuan Sun, Digital Artist, based in Berlim.

She creates her works with game engines to describe the formation of her own spiritual world with 3D visual materials. For her performances, she builds controls systems to mediate the relationship between sound, electricity and light. Her art is like an exploration and adventure in the virtual world – with a strong sense of the unknown and the aspiration to imagine a big future.



IG @sailormenx



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