Meryl Yana (Paris, 1998) is a plastic artist from London.
Her work is an ongoing research and a questioning process for the medium and materials she uses. Through the development of her practice she has created her own vocabulary composed of a variety of objects and symbols, constructing a dreamlike narration.
The symbols are hidden waiting to be found by the observer, himself being observed. They are the keys to understanding, but they also exist as themselves, just as objects. Her works testify to the complete use of her body.
As physical objects, her paintings are becoming skin-like and organic, textures you would like to touch. Like a cathartic process, where the audience is invited to let go of conventions and has to feel through a more physical approach.
All her work is an invitation to reconnect with a primitive and instinctive sense of our bodies. All textures are made from natural and raw materials she finds, such as spices, like turmeric, sand she finds out in nature, natural pigments, soil, clay or even pomegranate and other fruit skins.
Meryl Yana explores the sense of touch inherent to the gaze. She hopes to inspire the viewer to approach the works in such a way and her endeavour is an ode to a disappearing type of human interaction.
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