Stefan Milosavljevic (Smederevo, Serbia – 1992), graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (2016) has completed a Master Degree in Visual Arts at the IUAV (2018), both in Venice. Currently, Stefan lives and works in Vicenza, in Italy.
Peculiar is the way we can characterize this artist’s process, which, by invoking a strong line of thought, develops a certain physicality of knowledge and memory, starting from the testimony and the present body, to put the finger on the wound of traumatic events that lead to the tangent of memories of war, abandonment of origins, recognition of new identity, of gender issues, as well as residues that are left over from the social and political dynamics, that desirably we all want to see overcome.
A hard change from his native country (Serbia), to Italy, took on striking proportions. Now, this move reflects the way the artist observes the world, using its global and collective significance to approach concepts that include the loss of familiarity with places. This profound poetry, that highlights a “defragment”, speaks through multidisciplinary works, which are not  subordinated to a particular technique, but they are, instead, a fusion of unique, bold and coherent languages. His  work can be widely seen as a “Warburguian” invitation to travel in a kind of “Atlas Mnemosyne” through the collective knowledge of the image and the material, and which comparatively adds a personal poetic formula of the artist to the very sensitive history of the human being.
Stefan won several awards and distinctions: 1st. Prize Frase Contemporary Art, 2016; Arteam Cup – Special Prize MAC, 2016; Premio Rigamonti – Special Prize San Fedele, 2017; Arteam Cup – Special Prize Galleria Punto sull’Arte, Varese, 2018.
Between 2015-2016, he was part of Collettivo Barnum.
Among the exhibitions in which the artist has participated, stand out the following: Terrestri, Academy of Fine Arts of Venice (2014); The Elephant In The Room, Venice (2016); A House, Halfway, Turin (2017);  I Lied In A Visa Center, Bologna (2018); Life on Tralfamadore, Milan (2020); Non-Gasoline Stations, Switzerland (2020); An Endless Flow, Artemis Gallery, Lisbon (2021).
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