Digital Bodies


Digital Bodies

24/9 – 5/11

New digital tools and devices have been suggesting new ways of representing and exploring the role of the body in the physical reality, as in the virtual environment as well. The boundaries that usually are used to define time and space, through which we alternate between the virtual and the physical of our lives, will imply a deep understanding of new concepts.

The human body, as an ancient object of physical/aesthetic representation, has been defining proportion measures, beauty ideals, dominating all artistic visions and representations, will migrate to the digital. What will be the skin that we will wear in virtuality? Maybe the way that we will use our own skin, as clothes, can be distant from our real shapes and actions, as well as from our real image, forcing us to innovate sensorial experiences, observations and thoughts. Maybe we can presuppose that we are one step ahead from human (r)evolution.

Using the digital world as a narrator itself, this exhibition shows the works of three artists who deal with the virtual as a new space of possibilities. Through video, virtual reality and augmented reality, it is the technology that reveals the changing images and concepts of the “body”. For now, with a world constantly changing, we can see the digital as a laboratory field, in which we can observe new experiences and experiment new ways to live. The interactive approach to the body itself, and to the way that our physical space is changing and migrating to the virtual, is suggesting that, slowly, the future-present can turn ourselves into avatars, challenging our self-image and our own construction of identity.