28/5 – 26/6
GOOGOL is the third collective exhibition of Artemis Gallery, a new and innovative gallery project in Lisbon, with the following artists participation: Arno Beck, Gil Ferrão, Giovanni Chiamenti, Martin Lukác and Raphael Brunk.
This theme, made up from a single word and a large number, translates a certain fascination that exists when an energy is exponentiated. A GOOGOL – 10100 – whose name comes from an exclamation of a young kid, brings a multiplication up to light, a symbolic large number of possibilities, visions and approaches of contemporary concepts, relative to the analog and digital, natural and technological universes.
When we’re observing the constantly changing world, we’re able to feel some nostalgia and that brings us possibilities of translation and conjugation, new visions and languages that, apparently, are becoming more distant. However, at the same time, we know that all is capable of renewing itself, transforming and coexisting in the same time and the same space.
Curated by M. João Teixeira