Waking Up In A World


Waking Up In A World

12/8 – 12/11

New technologies create expanded realities that reveal new possibilities of the current time. Our everyday life, culture and society are digitally transformed and technologized. We hold meetings online while sharing memories on social media and algorithms recognize our individual needs. Digital media such as smartphones, tablets, or VR headsets lead to a shift into the virtual, providing an alternative space for action. We constantly oscillate between both worlds, which are permanently being reconstituted and developed. In the dissolution of boundaries, the physical and virtual spheres merge into each other, shaping an altered reality. This influences the way we behave, think and interact as humans within society. A culture of the (post) digital emerges, opening up a new world in which we are waking up, becoming aware of the digital turn.

This technologized reality is the central topic of the group exhibition Waking up in a World. Demonstrating the significance of today’s technologies, seven international artists explore different aspects and effects of digitalization. They reveal a complex network between technology and humankind. The artworks refer to utopian ideas of post-humanism, illustrate the potential of applications such as artificial intelligence, and investigate human’s perception in its technological extension. In this context, the view is always reflexively directed to the humans themselves.

Essay by Peggy Schoenegge